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About to Angariar

Company focused on Import and Export of Products and Goods in several countries. Purchase and sale of products directly from the Factory, commodities and exclusivity contracts for products from abroad for commercialization in Latin America.

We are an innovative company with new ideas that move the gears of business. A company that waits for business to arrive at its door has no future, but a company that seeks to succeed in what it does consistently is sure that the effort of the entire company going in the same direction will have a result. important to its business and the customers it represents.
Our company
Oficina de negocios

We are a company with a high professional profile and the ability to adapt to such dynamic markets that we need to have a great deal of interaction with the various interlocutors in order to develop long-term business relationships.

Image by Felix Mittermeier

We work with strategic allies in different parts of the world that allow us to buy and sell national and foreign products. This allows us to have and maintain a presence in several markets.

Our Values
espacio de oficina

We are an interdisciplinary team that allows us to expand our products to various markets. We are a company focused on the development of our products and services in order to allow us a permanent and constant growth, enabling the growth of all its participants.

Environment and Sustainability

The best way to do business is to keep the business aligned with Sustainability and care for the environment, which allows maintaining the level of productivity and results in the long term, following the policy of sustainability and zeal for the environment in choosing products that respect the guidelines.

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