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Business Trip to Uruguay and Argentina August 2022

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

After our planet goes through closure due to the pandemic, we cannot let this delay the different possibilities of trade that we have in order to strengthen, not only the internal market, but also to obtain new partners in the foreign market for the purchase and sale of various products.

Therefore, the best way to look for opportunities in the international market is to be able to check products and companies in loco to offer products that meet market needs in terms of quantity, quality and technical specifications.

Our objective is also to establish partnerships with local companies in Uruguay and Argentina in order to introduce them to the Brazilian market.

Both countries (Argentina and Uruguay) have large industries and producers. Uruguay, like Argentina, has large operators in the dairy market, olive oil factories and many wineries in some regions of Uruguay. Argentina, in addition to the large number of wineries, has great agricultural products to offer to different countries, including Brazil.

On the other hand, Brazil has several usual export items for Argentina as well as other product options that serve as raw materials for industries in Argentina.

Brazil has a large agricultural production. Today Brazil is the world's largest producer of Soybean, ahead of the United States, it is the fifth largest producer of grains in the world, the largest producer of refined white sugar in the world (Icumsa 45), the largest producer of coffee in the world, it has a great diversity of fresh fruits that it exports to several countries in the world, with the northeast being the largest producer and exporter of climate feed suitable for production. The Brazilian industry is very strong and constantly growing.

Currently, Brazil has a population in 2022 of 215 million inhabitants. This amount represents almost 50% of the totality of the population of South America. A big growing market.

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