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The Importance of Exporting Your Products!

According to the official estimate of the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) Brazil is the 6th most populous country in the world with an estimate of 213.3 Million Inhabitants. Furthermore, Brazil is the Fifth country in territorial extension, with a total surface area of 8,515,767 km².

This territorial extension allows Brazil to develop several industries such as the extractive industry; Transformation industry; Energy industry; Food industry; Civil Construction Industry; Information industry, among many others.

Brazil currently has large companies recognized worldwide such as the Vale company, with a Market Value: R$546.4 billion, Petrobras with a Market Value: R$310.5 billion, Itaú with a Market Value: R$253.3 billion, Ambev with Market value: R$ 244.1 billion, among other large corporations.

The number of companies in brazil is 19.3 million companies, of which 89.93% correspond to MEI, micro and small companies.

Considering that large companies have the know-how and structure to be able to carry out domestic and international operations, we question other companies that do not always have the structure or knowledge to manage domestic and international trade properly.

One of the major issues facing Small and Medium Enterprises is to achieve financial strength that allows them to manage the domestic market to maintain their contracts without incurring supply problems and to have the structure to be able to have production destined for international demand. It is useless to want to export if it is not clear that companies need to have operational and financial strength to meet their demands without incurring delays.

Having this situation under control, the next step and the internationalization of the company.

One of the major issues to make this new operation viable is to have a solid and reliable export structure and to know the international market in order to have a portfolio of international buyers.

Considering that this situation is quite complex and requires professionals from different areas related and linked to international trade, there is an issue that should be considered. If the company really has the economic capacity to be able to remunerate this new company structure.

There are still numerous companies in Brazil with great potential, but with less chance for various reasons to be able to export their products. A question is necessary. How can I export? If the domestic market is really well served, now all that is left is to have a great partner that can make the export of its products viable.

If you are identifying your company as one with the potential to start placing your products on the foreign market, you can count on us.

Author: Pablo Serrano


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